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Eddie Tallon has a proven record of fighting for our conservative values in the State House, cleaning up corruption, and bringing jobs to our community. Join the campaign today and help re-elect Eddie Tallon!


“We enjoyed recognizing your leadership in co-sponsoring the House Bill and shepherding Senate Bill 289 creating the new Division of Crime Victim Services within the Attorney General’s Office. Consolidating the vital services for crime victims in a ‘one stop shop’ entity will serve the citizens of our state well. This legislation is perhaps the most significant advance in crime victim rights since the passage of the Constitutional Amendment creating the Crime Victim Bill of Rights. No one in the SC General Assembly has been more supportive of crime victim issues and public safety measures than you. In sponsoring “Emma’s Law” in 2014, that introduced the successful Ignition Interlock program, you have undoubtedly helped save lives in our state’s efforts to combat impaired driving. Your consistent support of crime victims, public safety, law enforcement, efficient transparent government and thorough oversight of state agencies that serve our citizens is exemplary. You are a patient, respectful listener and quick to help those that have sought your counsel.”

LAURA SLADE HUDSON Executive Director   S.C. Victim Assistance Network

“Eddie Tallon is a tireless advocate for House District 33. He understands the importance of listening and responding to his constituents. Eddie’s efforts to help with the revitalization of the Village of Glendale are critical to the Upstate’s quality of life, tourism, and economic development. Eddie’s work is thoughtful and meaningful.”


“Thank you for sharing your inspirational message with our students at the SMC Etiquette Dinner last week. I'm so proud to call you a fellow Pioneer. You make our community a better place.”

LEAH PRUITT Director of Alumni Relations   Spartanburg Methodist College

"I have had the privilege to work with Representative Tallon on several occasions. Every time I have worked with him he has always responded and helped the Pacolet Community and me. That speaks volumes to me because that is not always the case with individuals today. Representative Tallon is an asset to our community."


"Representative Eddie Tallon is an articulate and stellar defender of innocent human life. He has a 100 percent pro-life voting record in the S.C. House."

HOLLY GATLING Executive Director   South Carolina Citizens for Life

"Representative Tallon has been very responsive to Spartanburg School District Three's educational and community concerns and needs.  I applaud his efforts in Columbia and support his reelection campaign."

KEVIN LEE Board Chair   Spartanburg School District Three

"Since joining the House in 2011, Representative Eddie Tallon has served as one of the General Assembly’s largest advocates for conservative values and protected freedoms. Throughout his previous service as House Republican Majority Whip, Eddie’s leadership was paramount in accomplishing key conservative legislative successes. As the current House Republican Assistant Majority Leader, Representative Tallon continues to advance initiatives that seek to improve the lives of all South Carolina families."

REP. JAY LUCAS Speaker   S. C. House

"I am so thankful to have Eddie Tallon as my representative! It is so reassuring to know that House District 33 has such a fiscal and social conservative working for us in Columbia! He is one that we can always count on to be our conservative voice."

ALEXIA NEWMAN Director   Carolina Pregnancy Center

I would like to publicly thank Eddie Tallon for the amazing job he has done and continues to do for District 33. As the Mayor of the Town of Cowpens, we are grateful for the assistance he has given the citizens of Cowpens in governmental issues. Specifically, we are especially grateful for the tremendous effort he put forward to get the new railroad bridge constructed in Cowpens. This bridge had been so dangerous that fire trucks and school buses could not travel over the bridge to reach citizens on the other side - an issue that had existed many years. However, after Eddie's extensive community outreach in Cowpens and his exemplary hard work with the SC Department of Transportation, the new bridge was built, and our citizens are safer than ever before. I would also like to thank Eddie for the strong conservatism and fiscal responsibility he has shown with our tax dollars. I couldn't imagine a stronger, more community-minded public servant in District 33 than we have today.

MICHAEL D. HAMRICK Mayor   Cowpens

"Eddie Tallon is an accessible conservative representative whose leadership in the statehouse serves our county and state well. As a former Spartanburg County Republican party chair, I not only could count on Rep. Tallon's participation and support, but I knew he would pick up the phone when I called. I staunchly continue to stand with Rep. Eddie Tallon and ask all of District 33 to do the same."

LADONNA RYGGS Fmr. Chairman   Spartanburg County Republican Party

I want to express to my appreciation on the job Rep. Eddie Tallon is doing for Spartanburg while serving in our House of Representatives. I have called on Rep. Tallon a number of times as it relates to laws that can lessen the probability of death on our roads. I know he has supported legislation to strengthen moped driving requirements, and driving under suspension. Eddie and I have talked regarding the need for our S.C. troopers to be in full force in Spartanburg County. He has informed me of his fight to get more enforcement help on our roads. I have known Rep. Tallon for some 25 years. He has faced down murderers like Pee Wee Gaskins while in public service. I know from discussions that service to all of Spartanburg and S.C. is important to Eddie. I want to thank him for listening and acting on his knowledge that is so richly needed while trying to serve Spartanburg.

RUSTY CLEVENGER Coroner   Spartanburg County

"Public service is more than an occupation for Eddie Tallon. It is a way of life. The long-time Spartanburg County resident has dedicated his life to making our state a better place to live and work. Eddie and I first became acquainted when he worked as a police officer for the State Law Enforcement Division. He worked cases with an endless sense curiosity and attention to detail that translates well into his work as a state lawmaker. Eddie has accomplished a lot during his time in the statehouse. I encourage you to re-elect Eddie and let him continue serving our great state."

BARRY BARNETTE Solicitor   7th Circuit

“There’s no better voting record, than Representative Eddie Tallon’s, when it comes to creating new jobs and protecting the ones we have.”

JOHN EASTERLING Chair of the Executive Board Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce

"Rep. Eddie Tallon has repeatedly fought for conservative principles in the General Assembly. We are fortunate to have a legislator with his experience and commitment working for Spartanburg County on the state level."

GERALD EMORY President First Monday Club

“In a time in our world where commitment to principle seems to be lacking, I appreciate Eddie Tallon for being a reliable and committed vote for issues regarding Life. As the Former Chairman of the S.C. GOP, a long time Board member of Palmetto Family Council, and a father of four, I deeply appreciate Rep. Tallon’s stance for 2nd Amendment, Pro-life and other conservative causes in our SC House of Representatives.”

CHAD CONNELLY Former Chairman S.C. GOP