Week One Report

The first week has been completed and even though we did not spend much time on the floor, we continued to work on issues in order to be ready for debate in the subcommittees and full committees.

This week, I met with and interviewed several candidates for judges positions and those seeking seats on several boards for colleges and universities.

The Criminal Domestic Violence Ad Hoc Committee, that I have been serving on in the off session, met today and is having bills prepared for debate on the following CDV subjects:

  • Penalties
  • Education
  • Enabling Prosecution
  • Bonds
  • Fatality Review
  • Solicitor Choice Prosecution
  • FirearmsItem

Before these subjects cause you too much concern, let me assure you the details will be debated fully and forwarded to the Judiciary Committee for further debate. We will have a good comprehensive CDV bill passed this year that will address this most pressing problem in our society.

There were a number of Inaugural events this week and I attended the Inauguration and Swearing In of Governor Haley and the Constitutional Officers. It was a very impressive ceremony with various Colleges and Universities participating. As always, the Citadel Cadets were most impressive.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you in Columbia. Your feedback and assistance is critical in ensuring your voice is heard in our state government. If you have ideas on issues you want me to share with the rest of the General Assembly, or if you need assistance in any way, please don't hesitate to give me a call at 864-529-2860 or email me at eddietallon@schouse.gov. Remember, you can go to www.schouse.gov, click on my name and see how I have voted on each and every issue before the house. You can also see any bills that I have sponsored or co-sponsored.


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