statehouse night

Important Issues

Here are a few of the issues you have said are important to you, and these are the things I have built my campaigns on. New issues always arise, but if we adhere to strong conservative values, we will have the wisdom to make the right decisions for the future of District 33, all of Spartanburg, and our great state.

A Strong Core of Values built around Family, Faith, Freedom & Free Enterprise

These are the core conservative values that make our Republican Party. These are the core values that impact everything I do.


I have helped lead the House Republicans on a steady conservative path as our economy recovers. Some states panicked after 2008 and used the failed economic policies of more public spending and higher taxes. We cut spending and held the line on taxes in our state. Today, our unemployment rate is well below the national average, and the Spartanburg economy is rolling with the major jobs announcements by Toray Industries and BMW.


Strong public schools are a cornerstone of our American democracy, but that doesn’t mean blindly sending unlimited amounts of tax dollars to the districts. We must work with educators to find out what we can do to help them, and then, like with small business, work hard to get the state and school bureaucrats out of the way so our teachers can teach.

Public Safety

Nothing we do, and nothing we hold dear, means anything if we don’t have a strong system of public safety. As a retired SLED agent, I know first-hand what they need to do their jobs. I will always stand with our first responders.


Our public infrastructure is critical to supporting our expanding economy. Sadly, our Department of Transportation has a poor record of using our tax dollars efficiently. In 2013, we increased funding to the DOT — the equivalent of a 3.5-cent gas tax — without raising taxes. I will continue to work with the House leadership in looking for efficiencies and existing streams of revenue to give to the DOT so it can more effectively plan for the future.

Helping Senior Citizens

I believe we must do all we can to protect the quality of life of our senior citizens.  I will work with state agencies to guarantee that House District 33’s senior citizens get all of the care and services to which they are entitled.

Marriage and Family

I believe that many of society’s problems could be avoided, or at least mitigated, if the traditional institution of marriage were strengthened.  I oppose efforts to redefine marriage, including legislation that recognizes same-sex marriages or civil unions.