District 33

About District 33

The new map of House District 33, as approved by the House in 2010 (and approved by the Justice Department). House District 33 is marked in green.

  • District 33 extends from just below I-85 at the Cherokee County line down to Laurens County – encompassing the southeastern part of Spartanburg County
  • Boundaries have changed considerably over the years. Prior to 1992 the district was located completely within Spartanburg County. In 2000, it included parts of Spartanburg and Cherokee counties
  • Since 1974, District 33 has had only three representatives: T.W. Edwards (elected in 1974), Lanny Littlejohn (first elected in 1988), and myself (elected in 2010)
  • There are 16,647 registered voters as of January 11, 2010, 54.21% female, 45.79% male
  • District 33 includes all or part of 19 voting precincts, and of these, six are split precincts*

PDF map of the proposed new District 33: CLICK HERE.

Spartanburg County Precincts

  • Ben Avon Methodist*
  • Canaan Baptist
  • Calvins Hobbysville
  • Clifdale Elementary
  • Cowpens Depot Museum
  • Croft Baptist
  • Cross Anchor Fire Station
  • Eastside Baptist*
  • Enoree First Baptist
  • Gable Middle School
  • Glendale Fire Station
  • Morningside Baptist
  • Mt. Calvary Presbyterian
  • Pacolet Middle School
  • Pauline Glenn Springs Elementary
  • R.D. Anderson Vocational*
  • Spartanburg High School*
  • Timken Community Center
  • White Stone Methodist*

* Split precincts are denoted by the asterisk.